Todd Mortenson

Rancher -- Hayes, SD

"I just want people to understand the health benefits of eating good nutritious beef. Its got natural proteins and amino acids and vitamins – everything that your body needs to rejuvenate after strenuous workout. The exciting thing to me is not knowing how big this thing can be. The concept is so right and the enthusiasm for this program is really something. This program really is a perfect combination of the beef industry and the health industry."

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Michael Kroll

"I think the kids are starting to become more and more educated about what beef can provide for them and are starting to recognize some of the athletic benefits of it. They are figuring out that hey, this helps me either gain some weight or properly maintain an energy level that I need throughout, because beef gives me those long-lasting proteins with enough calories to get you through."

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Merretta Anderson

Timber Lake, SD

"This program is a huge success in the community of Timber Lake. The Build Your Base with Beef program has been both an evaluative and integrational tool for our community and shows how we can implement the healthy protein of beef even more into our athlete’s daily lives. We are building lifelong habits by showing them that healthy choices have been right in front of them living in beef country, real whole food protein is available to them right where they are at and for many is a part of their family’s livelihood. This program has also benefitted our athletes by being able to provide them a hot, beef-based meal available for the team to eat immediately following a game. For some athletes, this is the last quality nutritious meal they might get until school breakfast on Monday morning. This is huge for them. For producers, it is important to be able to see where their checkoff dollar is going and to know it’s going back to their kids and the kids in the community with this program is huge." 


Russ Bailey

Head Coach -- Custer, SD 

"I have seen the eating habits of some of these kids personally and with this program I know that all of the team will eat a good beef-based meal the night before a game. It has also been great to show them what a good meal is. Our Thursday night meals bring in families into the stadium, they’ve become part of the whole process and will form a support system for the team. Overall this program has been a great addition to the season, these kids are athletes that put a lot of stress on their bodies and eating good nutritious protein like beef is one of the best ways to fix the body."


Patrick Sees

Centerville, SD

“The Build Your Base with Beef program has been a very convenient way for our kids to incorporate good nutritious protein in our post-weight room workouts as well as our post-game nutrition needs. With us moving to the Great Plains Conference at the start of the 2017 season, our travel time has increased dramatically. Having a quick, easy source of protein has been a huge benefit for our kids as it helps them recover faster and feel better quicker.” 


Tim Rhead

Alcester-Hudson, SD 

“The kids are really enjoying the program and are learning a lot about proper eating habits along the way. With the jerky provided, we utilize it as a post practice and lifting snack.  We have also provided jerky on post-game road meals. The team celebrated a homecoming victory with a post-game steak at one of the parent’s houses, which was great fuel for our athletes! I believe the program has been very beneficial and given our student athletes more access to good nutritious beef.” 


Dan Aaker

Winner, SD 

“The Build your Base with Beef program has been going great for us.  The athletes get jerky snacks post practice as well as pre and post-game. They have gained a new understanding of how protein can help not only with their performance but recovery as well and how beef is an excellent source of protein.  We have hung the informational posters provided at our stadium and our locker room and shared the Build your Base with Beef website on all our social media sites for players, parents and community members to access.  Our parent group has used the donated funds for pre-game beef meals and those resources have been greatly appreciated. Winner is an agricultural area with a lot of beef producers. The whole program has been both educational and positive.”


Kim Nelson

Sioux Falls Roosevelt, SD

“We feed our football athletes the beef jerky after every weight lifting workout and they love it!!  It really makes them feel special that we provide direct protein after lifting and they love the taste! Our pre-game meals have become a great team bonding time and when they are eating beef (taco meat, sandwiches, pulled beef) they like it a lot more than just pasta and pizza.  Our senior Moms are thankful for the help in providing food for 79 Varsity players! When we travel to Rapid City, we will have a beef sandwich for a pre-game snack and for after the game, as well! The Build Your Base with Beef program has been very successful at Roosevelt and we appreciate it very much!”


Kelly Messmer

Harding County, SD 

“The Build Your Base with Beef program has been a huge success for Harding County. Harding County is BEEF country and we wanted to be a part of a program that brought attention to the importance of beef in an athlete's nutrition that benefit them with injury prevention and recovery.  What we like most about it is it has just opened the student-athletes and families eyes about what a great source of protein beef is.  There are a lot of great sources of protein that student-athletes and families can choose from, but we believe beef doesn't get the press time the other sources do, so we are happy beef is getting the spotlight!Harding County has made it a tradition to feed both teams after every football game, so the resources provided to purchase beef for our post game meals has been a huge help and success.  The website and materials on there are a great resource for student-athletes, coaches, and parents.  We have received a lot of great feedback about the recipes and articles on the website.”

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