Recipe Collections

Check out these tasty recipes for every meal of the day! These are simple to make and are a good nutritious option for your athlete and family! Also, check out some weekly meal plans that utilize these recipes in the toolkit! 

Country-Style Waffle Sandwich

Beefy Breakfasts

There’s something comforting and satisfying about a hot breakfast! Not to mention, eating a protein-rich breakfast keeps you feeling full, longer, which may result in less snacking throughout the day.

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Roast Beef & Veggie Wraps

Powerful Lunches

Looking for that quick, wholesome and delicious meal that will help cure that afternoon hunger and may lower snacking? Check out these great recipes! 

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Hearty Shepherd's Pot Roast Pie

Easy Dinners

Spend more time with your family and busy athlete with these easy to make dinners!

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Garlic & Herb Steak Salad

Economical Beef Meals

Looking for that meal that is easy on the budget and can feed the whole family? Check out these great, delicious and economical meals!

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Educational Videos

Nutrition Videos

Check out these educational videos that include a proper plate for both pre and post workout meals, some good breakfast, lunch, and dinner ideas as well as some good recipe examples! 

Nutrition Videos

Pineapple-Soy Glazed Beef Steaks